Flash Gordon is originally from Detroit, Michigan and has been living on the beaches of Tampa Bay since 1978. He has fronted and played flute and saxophone in many bands including The Charlie Harwood Band ('82-'83), Louder Than Lions ('87-'88), A Sordid People ('89-'90), Group Therapy ('90-'91), The Pundits ('92-'99), Flash Gordon's Adventures In Music ('00-'05) & Chill Pop (2007) as well as sitting in every so often with The Shakes Society, Natural Blend & The Fanatics. 2009 saw Flash back together with The Pundits for three reunion shows.  A documentary movie was made that was entered in the Sarasota Film Festival 2011.
2010-'11 had Flash (& Jo) working with Smokin' Connie for two gigs & a 5 song recording.

The exciting news is that the newest musical adventure that I, Flash Gordon am involved in, is off & running!  We played our first gig in October & then a private party in November & started recording what will be our debut album.  Then we took a slight detour & performed as part of The David Bowie Tribute Show at Skipper's put on by Flee & WMNF Radio.  Check out our set on YouTube by clicking here.  Today, January 9th we'll get back to work on the album & hopefully we'll have a CD Release party coming up before too long.  Stay tuned.
'Abandon Sane'

Left to right - Roger Glines (drums) Harvey Meyers (vocals & guitar) Jo Karen (vocals & keys)
Dave Shaw (vocals & guitar) TJ Glowacki (bass) Flash Gordon (vocals, flute & sax)

  For any more info about Flash & my adventures in music please send an email to me or
feel free to call me at (727) 442-7953.

 You can purchase a copy of the DVD & CD of The Pundits performing March 14, 2009 for only $10.00
& you can get a taste of the gig on YouTube.

  Other music with Flash Gordon...


Track 1. 
If I Were A Guitar

Track 2. Sunrise To Sunset
Adventures In Music

Track 1.  My Old Self
Track 2. Made In The Shade
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        Track 1TRAP OF TIME       
        Track 2.

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